Get the secrets to creating useful and usable voice experiences
Learn how To create an effective voice strategy (Even if you have no idea how to get started)
Grow your business by leveraging the next major shift in consumer behavior 
Voice Strategy: Creating Useful and Usable Experiences combines a foundational knowledge of brand and marketing strategy, digital strategy, content strategy, and user experience with a deep understanding of Voice and its impact. That understanding is the result of a dedication to learning about Voice for the past few years through reading, research, workshops, interviews and conferences.
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What You Will Learn from Our Voice Strategy Book
  • An understanding of what Voice is and why you can no longer ignore this opportunity
  • ​A way to identify your audience's needs, common tasks and frustrations and how to deliver against them
  • A process that takes you from discovery to launch to ongoing improvements
  • A methodology for identifying use cases that improve customer experience and complement your existing brand ecosystem
  • How to establish a Voice measurement strategy to understand how your Voice experience is performing and to inform optimizations post launch
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  • Exclusive recording of "Now What" presentation
  • Pragmatic Blueprint instruction video explaining our process for creating useful and usable Voice Experiences
Who Are Susan & Scot Westwater?
Susan and Scot Westwater are the co-founders of Pragmatic Digital, a consultancy who helps clients identify and solve their marketing and customer experience problems by leveraging the Voice channel. Their primary goal for clients is to create Voice experiences that align with business objectives while delivering value by being useful and usable to their audiences.

With over 40 years of experience combined, Susan and Scot’s expertise comes from working with a diverse group of companies across a variety of regulated and unregulated industries including healthcare, pharmaceutical, retail, and consumer packaged goods. 
Their experience in content strategy, user experience, marketing, and business have given them a wealth of knowledge that can only come from years of being strategic practitioners. Their processes and methodologies are based on real-world practical experiences so they are flexible enough to work with a variety of workflows and industry requirements.  

In addition to being authors and the powerhouse behind their consultancy, Scot and Susan also deliver talks and conduct workshops at a variety of events and conferences. In their free time, they enjoy traveling and spending time with family.
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