Uncover the Secrets to Creating Useful and Usable Voice Experiences

Attn: Marketers, Founders, User Experience Professionals, and members of the Voice community:

Learn how an effective voice experience can benefit your brand and bottom line

(Even If You Have No Idea Where To Start)

What Does That Look Like? 

It Drives Business Results:

  • Increased Revenue: Expands your audience reach and makes it easier for people to research and buy your product
  • Reduced Costs: Improves internal and external efficiencies allowing you to do more with less
  • Improved Customer Experience: Allows 24/7 customer service without the need to have staff available 24/7

It Delivers Audience Value:

  • Makes things easier: Engaging with a Voice interface is as simple as asking a question
  • Helps them get what they need quickly : Avoids digging through pages of search results or navigating multiple websites. 
  • Provides increased accessibility: No need to wait on hold or for call center hours, plus it empowers people with varying levels of literacy or physical ability
don't miss out on the next major shift in consumer behavior To grow your business
Voice is the next frontier for consumer attention and the best part is, it's already here!
In the past 30 years have seen 3 major shifts in consumer attention and the 4th is well under way. First there was the internet, then social media, then mobile and now it's Voice. 

Voice Strategy: Creating Useful and Usable Experiences combines a foundational knowledge of brand and marketing strategy, digital strategy, content strategy, and user experience with a deep understanding of Voice and its impact. That understanding is the result of a dedication to learning about Voice for the past few years through reading, research, workshops, interviews and conferences.
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Who is this book for?

This book was written to help marketers, founders, user experience professionals, and the Voice community:
  • Understand the full opportunity of Voice
  • Provide a way for brands to take advantage of the opportunity
  • Identify the right Voice experiences to build that engage your audience

Voice Strategy Is Your Shortcut!

This book is the culmination of 40+ years of time, research, and money and is focused on this incredible opportunity that's available to us all. 

And we're giving it to you for Free. You just pay for the shipping!

What You'll Learn by reading Voice Strategy
  • An understanding of what Voice is and why ignoring this opportunity could be a big mistake
  • ​A way to identify your audience's needs, common tasks, and frustrations and how to deliver against them
  • A process that takes you from zero to launch and ongoing improvements
  • A methodology for identifying use cases that improve customer experience and complement your existing brand ecosystem
  • How to establish a Voice measurement strategy to understand how your Voice experience is performing and to inform post-launch optimizations 

Here's Even More Of The Things You'll Learn Inside this Book:

  • ​Learn how Voice is shaping up to be the most important shift in consumer facing technology in the past 30 years – pg. 3  
  • ​Read the single biggest reason why Voice is going to win and why every smart marketer needs to have it on their radar – pg. 14 
  • ​See how Voice has already changed search behavior and learn what you can do to take advantage of it right now – pg. 18  
  • ​How you can use Voice to increase revenue AND decrease costs while keeping your customers happy (it’s probably not what you think) – pg. 29  
  • ​Understanding this one aspect of Voice and what to do about it will pay off immediately and now and well into the future (this one is an immediate game changer) – pg. 36 
  • ​Learn the #1 secret that will be the difference between success and failure in Voice in 2020 and beyond (if you only learn one thing, this is a big one) – pg. 52  
  • ​Learn the process we use that’s 20+ years in the making so that you can hit the ground running with your own voice project – pg. 67  
  • ​The most overlooked (and most critical) component of any digital project and how you can avoid the mistakes so many others make time and time again – pg. 71 
  • ​Techniques to learn your audience’s information needs, pain points and frustrations even if you don’t have direct access to them – pg. 99 
  • ​Learn the Framework we use to create effective Voice experiences that delivers to your bottom line time and time again – pg. 107  
  • ​A tool to help you prioritize your features and use cases to deliver maximum audience and business value – pg. 109 
  • 3 Questions to ask yourself at every step of the way to make sure you’re delivering the maximum value to your entire audience – pg. 131 
  • And much, much more!

This information is so valuable that we want to get it into as many people's hands as possible

We have spent over 40 years of combined trial and error gaining the knowledge that we share in this book. We are both agency veterans that have gone through 3 other major shifts and technology. With every shift we had to prove the ROI of the internet, social and mobile and we've picked up a trick or two. 

We have also spent the better part of the past 2 years speaking at conferences, conducting webinars, creating our own educational content, and working with clients to validate our approach to Voice strategy. 

All of this experience (and quite a few people asking for us to share our knowledge) has led us to write this book. 

If this book is so valuable, why are you practically giving it away?  

The reason is simple. We want to get this information into everyone's hands because Voice a game-changing opportunity and we can't wait to see all of the amazing things that will happen because of it. 

Full Transparency: We also want to provide you with so much value that bringing us in to train your team or working with us in the future is a no brainer. 

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Who Are Susan & Scot Westwater?
Susan and Scot Westwater are the co-founders of Pragmatic Digital, a consultancy who helps clients identify and solve their marketing and customer experience problems by leveraging the Voice channel. Their primary goal for clients is to create Voice experiences that align with business objectives while delivering value by being useful and usable to their audiences.

With over 40 years of experience combined, Susan and Scot’s expertise comes from working with a diverse group of companies across a variety of regulated and unregulated industries including healthcare, pharmaceutical, retail, and consumer packaged goods. 
Their experience in content strategy, user experience, marketing, and business have given them a wealth of knowledge that can only come from years of being strategic practitioners. Their processes and methodologies are based on real-world practical experiences so they are flexible enough to work with a variety of workflows and industry requirements.  

In addition to being authors and the powerhouse behind their consultancy, Scot and Susan also deliver talks and conduct workshops at a variety of events and conferences. In their free time, they enjoy traveling and spending time with family.
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